Veldskoen - J-Bay - Blue Veldskoen

Veldskoen is the Sole of South Africa, the loved tan suede/leather shoe has been rebooted and colour laces added. A proudly South African product!

The J-Bay blue Veldskoen is inspired by one of the most loved towns in South Africa, called Jeffries Bay. Jeffries Bay, or J-Bay as affectionately abbreviated by the locals, is known for its clear blue sky and perfect crystal clear seas. A surfer's paradise some may say. If you're looking for a boot which is a vibrant reminder of sun and sea then this is the shoe for you!

Ladies please note: The Veldskoen boots are made in men's sizes, so ladies please order a size smaller than you would normally take. Ladies.... if you normally take a UK size 6 please order a UK size 5 for the correct fit.

Question: What size shoe should I order?
Answer: The best thing to do is to measure your foot using our handy sizing chart!

22.8 - 23.5cm = size 3
23.6 - 24.4cm = size 4
24.5 - 25.2cm = size 5
25.3 - 26.1cm = size 6
26.2 - 26.9cm = size 7
27 - 27.8cm = size 8
27.9 - 28.6cm = size 9
28.7 - 29.5cm = size 10
29.6 - 30.3cm = size 11
30.4 - 31.1cm = size 12
31.2 - 32cm = size 13
32.1 - 33.5cm = size 14

Why not buy the Veldskoen Shoe Cleaning Kit "Spotless" with your boots to keep them looking as good as new? Available on our website!

Spare laces available - why not mix and match your laces and soles? Available here! Or go for matching or contrasting socks here!