Footwear/Veldskoen Boots

Traditionally Veldskoen Boots are a South African walking shoe/boot made from leather or rawhide uppers attached to a leather footbed and rubber sole without nails or tacks.
Where did the name Veldskoen come from? We hear you say. The word is Afrikaans and breaks down to vel ("skin") (later assimilated to veld ("field") and skoen ("shoe"). Skin/Field/Shoe - You get the idea.
This new twist on an old favorite boot, is an inspirational mix of the iconic South African Veldskoen boots with the addition of a colored sole with matching laces, giving a mix of tradition and fashion. These new boots are the "Sole Of South Africa" and perfect for anyone who is looking for a reliable safari boot or a boot to take on city or country life. This boot is so dynamic it can be warn in any situation and is totally reliable. Durable. Comfortable. Iconic.