Veldskoen Chukka Boot (Brown Sole)


Veldskoen's ode to old school quality, a celebration of time and character.

The Chukka is the all weather, all purpose boot! The cut is timeless, and can be dressed up or down. So, you really only ever need to pack one pair of shoes, regardless of where you go. They are rugged enough to face the outdoors. They are chic enough to walk into a wedding.

Veldskoen's Chukka boots are made from strong, full grain, waxy, old town leather, which softens and darkens, as it ages.

The boots are polished to perfection before they leave the factory. However, when the waxy, oiled surface of the leather is scuffed, the boots initially show up marks. This is because scuffing the shoe takes the oil off the surface. If scuff marks bother you, they polish out easy peasy. However, if you let the leather settle, you will soon see all marks and blemishes wash into a glorious textured finish of a slightly darker brown hue.

What starts out as marks of imperfection, become traits of deep and lasting character. Good Chukkas get better with age.

Question: What size shoe should I order?
Answer: The best thing to do is to measure your foot using our handy sizing chart!

21 - 22cm = size 3
22 - 23cm = size 4
23 - 24cm = size 5
24 - 25cm = size 6
25 - 26cm = size 7
26 - 27cm = size 8
27 - 28cm = size 9
29 - 29.5cm = size 10
29.5 - 30.5cm = size 11
30.5 - 31.5cm = size 12
31.5 - 32.5cm = size 13
32.5 - 33.5cm = size 14