SORAI offers a range of merchandise and clothing branded with the registered trademark “Rhino.” SORAI strive to use only sustainable fabrics in the manufacturing process to reduce our carbon footprint.

Explore and shop our range of clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, tops and more. All proceeds from sales support the cause and aid in conserving endangered species. There are a number of animals under extreme threat worldwide, largely due to illegal poaching.

Kevin Pietersen’s strong passion for animal conservation and his mission to save endangered species from extinction exceeds his renowned passion for batting.

SORAI is Kevin Pietersen’s initiative for the ongoing preservation and protection of endangered species, as well as the ongoing education, awareness and public support surrounding this issue globally.

We are committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, injured, endangered species that are at risk of becoming extinct. Through various organisations, we enlist the help of various specialists, including ecologists, veterinarians, nutritionists and others, to ensure the successful rehabilitation and release of these animals.